Expanded Metal Façades

EXM Starting with the project support, our expanded metal façade services, continues with calculation of optimal steel construction and installation of expanded metal panels. Sheets are mostly produced of aluminum, steel, copper, cor-ten steel, etc. Expanded metals are used commonly as secondary façades, mostly for their sun reflection, aesthetics, and wind deflector properties. Air ventilation is a very important feature of expanded metal façades as it is very much demanded for recently on going trend of environmental buildings. As expanded metals are widely used in the developed countries of Europe, domestic use is also on the rise within Turkey. As Soho Yapi, we are glad to be on the front line of the use of installation of expanded metal façades.

Perforated Metal Façades

PMF With Aluminium mostly used, perforated metals can be manufactured from various types of metals. In accordance with customer's needs, transparency and wind-strength features can be altered. Perforated metals are ideal to cover unwanted walls. A great alternative to other materials in creation of light effects.